Creating an Aquavit for the DistillationS range came naturally as a tribute to our

Scandinavian roots. We have collaborated with Audemus Spirits, who share the same

values of creativity and passion with Bache-Gabrielsen, and specialise in creating

innovative and expressive products.


AQUAVIT DistillationS 70cl



Powdery, with fragrances of dried thyme and lavender, such as a walk in a botanical garden of the south of France.


Expressive floral notes mingled with delicate citrusy notes. Intense, sharp and pointed.


Persistance that enhances the citrus, with a hint of lemon.


ABV : 42% vol
Volume : 70 cl
Colour : White

Cellar Master's Notes

This aquavit is a blend of two spirits : the first, boldly rich in caraway and fennel, is distilled in a traditional cognac alembic. The second, with brightly floral notes of angelica, is distilled under vacuum. This aquavit offers an intensly fresh experience with a persistant lenght. It is complex, soft and well-balanced, each ingredient bringing its own personnality in this harmonious blend. Enjoy our Aquavit pure, in long drink with tonic or in cocktails..


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