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The cognac producing area is divided into 6 different and distinct areas, the origin of the cognac produced is guaranteed by the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée).

The division of the region into these 6 different areas has been done so that the diversity of each of the terroirs (soil types)  can be classified by typicity of aromas.  Each area has its own character and the eaux-de-vie which are produced will be typical to that area.

For more information please refer to the BNIC section about « Cognac Crus ».


The aim of the PRIVATE COGNAC CASK is to reveal the aromas of the eau-de-vie from one of the growing areas.

Each year, our Cellar Master selects different winegrowers to complete our stock of new eaux-de-vie at the start of each distillation campaign. They are all partners with the Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.

Therefore, we are unable to purchase small batches of new eaux-de-vie according to everyone’spersonal choice.

Once the ageing of your cognac is finished, it is possible to have a different name of the labels of yourbottles to the one on the plate that is fixed to your cask.

The Cognac AOC region is made up of  6 geographically delimited growing areas, these areas providefor 6 different types of “terroir” or land  and are dedicated to producing cognac.  

The  Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac House has selected three for its programme  : Fins Bois, Petite Champagne et Grande Champagne.

Fins Bois with its fruity notes has great roundness in the mouth. You will appreciate the notes of orchard fruits such as peaches and pears.  The advantage of a Fins Bois eau-de-vie is that its aromaticpotential is revealed after only two years of ageing.

If you prefer a more subtle marriage of floral and fruity notes then choose Petite Champagne. Light and supple, combining the freshness of spring flowers with the delicacy of summer fruits.

If you are looking for something more floral with notes of vine flower, honeysuckle, iris or even jasmin then Grande Champagne will suit you best. It is renowned for developing great aromas during a long ageing period, and offers great length in the mouth.

Need some further information before making your choice ? Please refer to the BNIC section about  « Vineyards, Cognac crus, certification »


The PRIVATE cognac CASK programme was initiated by our Cognac House with the aim of bringingto you the ultimate Cognac experience.

In terms of managing the supplies of new eaux-de-vie, we are unable to offer other growing areas thanGrande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois.

The ageing of the cognac in our cellars is essential so that our Cellar Master can closely monitor the evolution of the quality of your cognac. It is also fundamental that your cask is stored and aged in a place where all the storage conditions are met.

Our team has chosen to create labels which are as neutral as possible and following a colour codewhich has been defined in accordance with the chosen growing area. Therefore, it is not possible to change the colour of the paper in relation to that growing area. However, you will be able to customise your labels in the spaces which have been reserved for manual writing.

The label which ihas been designed covers a large surface of the bottle. It is possible however, to adda personalised sticker (the additional cost will be reflected in the final pricing of your PRIVATE cognac CASK).

At any time throughout your PRIVATE cognac CASK experience you can decide to purchase the caskwhich has been selected to age your cognac. (Please refer to your contract for pricing conditions).

Once the ageing process is over , the team at Maison Bache-Gabrielsen  will be delighted to invite youto come and participate in the bottling of your cognac. The dates and times for this will be decidedjointly between the cask owner and the Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.

If you are unable to participate with the bottling of your cognac or are unable to transport it after ithas been bottled our team will arrange for your bottles to be delivered to your place of residence via a secure means of transport.

The label on the bottles does not have a codebar which allows for the sale of the bottles. 

In the event that several people wish to purchase a cask together, one of them must be designated as the privileged interlocutor to discuss arrangements wth the Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.They will beresponsible for making a single payment on behalf of all the members.

When we developed this new programme, we chose a round bottle which reflects  the shape of the cask. In addition, the size of the shipping boxes has been developed to provide maximum protection duringthe transport of your precious cognac.

A unique model of bottle is offered for this programme.

Our Cellar Master recommends a minimum number of years for which your cognac should age.However, you can choose to age it longer than the recommended time  after receiving your final sample. In order to give you the best advice, the Cellar Master will closely monitor the evolution of the aromatic profile of your cognac. (Please refer to your contract for pricing conditions).

What we suggest is that we send you a sample every year, through this you will be able to witness first hand the evolution of your eau-de-vie throughout the ageing process.

On request, you will be able to visit the cellar where your cask is stored.

For each of the  three growing areas we guarantee a minimum of 50 bottles. Any “loss” can be due to several factors such as the angels share which causes the evaporation of approximately 5% of  the liquid per cask per year.  The bottling process can also be responsible for the loss of 1% of the total volume.

If you have purchased your cask and you are unable to visit us in Cognac, our team will arrange for your cask to be delivered via a secure means of transport.

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