A family story

4 Generations

A young and ambitious Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen had no qualms about leaving his own country to come to Cognac in the Charente region. He knew this is what he had to do to fulfil his dreams : to make a name for himself with his own Cognac House.
He knew that to be recognised alongside his peers and be part of the movement offering the « King of Spirits  – cognac» he had to put his own stamp on the world renowned standard of this french savoir-faire.

Strengthened by his love for Odette, they married and started a family all whilst being a passionate ambassador to cognac and its markets.

A family whom, generation after generation keeps building on the foundations of the Maison.
Our values : bold, authentic, savoir-faire. Since 1905, our Cognac House has worked tirelessly to explore the many facets of cognac in order to provide new sensory experiences, to the delight of our customers.


Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen founds
Maison Bache-Gabrielsen

Norway, 1877 – Josef Alexander Gabrielsen and Kamilla Bache open their own shop to sell spirits. Throughout the years they pass their passion onto their son, Thomas.

In 1903, at the age of 20, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen leaves the military administration and is sent by his father to France, and more precisely to Cognac, in order to develop the family business. There he meets Odette, a young Charentaise girl whose parents are wine-growers. His heart tells him to stay in the region.

In 1905, with the help of his Norwegian friend Peter Rustad, the two associates buy the Maison A. Edmond Dupuy, a cognac house that had been founded in 1852. And that’s where the story of Bache-Gabrielsen cognac begins.

On 23rd January 1906, Thomas and Odette get married in Cognac. Together, they start to lay the foundations of an ambitious and prosperous family Maison.


René, Thomas’ eldest son,
becomes head of the company

Born in Cognac in 1909, René is the eldest of Thomas and Odette’s three sons. After obtaining a diploma from the HEC Business school in Paris, René joins the family company in 1932.

The consequences of the 1929 crisis weaken the economic situation and Maison Bache-Gabrielsen suffers from it. René seeks to join an English bank while waiting for the recovery. In the end, it’s the Second World War that mobilises him in France. He will pursue his commitment to Maison Bache-Gabrielsen and take over from his father Thomas, when he dies of tuberculosis in 1942.

That same year he marries Gin, nickname he gives his wife Geneviève. Together they have 4 children, one of whom is Christian.

René is the second generation to leave its mark in the history of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.



Christian, René’s eldest son,
takes over the reins of the company

Born in 1943, during the war, Christian is the eldest sibling. After obtaining a degree in science and economics in Poitiers, he travels to Germany for 6 months, then does his military service.

In the family company his father René does the cognac blending and is also sales representative. Christian joins him to assist with administrative tasks. He becomes co-director a few years before his father’s passing, in 1985. During a quarter of a century, he manages the Maison and contributes to its international expansion.

He is married to Sylvie and they have four sons.

Christian, figure of the 3rd generation, passes the torch on to his eldest son Hervé, in 2009. Although he is now retired, Christian’s commitment to the Maison has not ceased. He is President of the Supervisory Board and he also continues to deliver our local bars, restaurants and cellars, by bicycle more often than not !


Jean-Philippe Bergier becomes
Bache-Gabrielsen’s Cellar Master

Jean-Philippe Bergier est né et a grandi au milieu des vignes cognaçaises. Issu d’une famille de vignerons et de distillateurs actifs en Petite Champagne depuis des générations, il possède son propre domaine près du village de Brives, en Petite Champagne. Il a été scolarisé dans la seule Université au monde dédiée aux Spiritueux, à Segonzac près de Cognac.

Maître de chai, assembleur ou nez du cognac. Depuis 1989, il est chargé de sélectionner les eaux-de-vie les plus prometteuses, de veiller à leur élevage en fûts, de créer des assemblages harmonieux ainsi que de maintenir, année après année, la qualité des cognacs signatures de la Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.

Il est reconnu pour sa capacité à identifier les arômes et est, à ce titre, membre du jury de dégustation du BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac), l’organe de régulation du Cognac.


The Maison’s 100-year celebration,
gathering together the Bache-Gabrielsen circle of friends

The Maison decides to celebrate its 100 years with its large circle of loyal Scandinavian ambassadors.

September 2005 – 4 days of festivities in Cognac, 350 guests, hundreds of glasses risen to Thomas, René and Christian who, in turn, have contributed to the growth of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen.

True to its origins, this celebration is shared with the “friends of Bache-Gabrielsen”, fan clubs that have formed, year after year, in Norway and Sweden. Every year the “supporters” organise a “WorldKongress” that welcomes hundreds of friends to share, over a week-end, the Bache-Gabrielsen way of life, our “art de vivre”. Every ten years this reunion takes place in Cognac.

For the 100-year celebration, “TRIBUTE”, a limited-edition cognac from 1860, is released. Only 500 bottles are available.

As the Norwegian saying goes, Bache-Gabrielsen cognac “forlenger livet og gleder” (extends life and joy)!



Hervé,  4th generation,
becomes head of the company

He is the eldest of Christian’s four sons. After studying at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, Hervé undertakes an International Volunteer program in management and finance with Pernod Ricard in Sweeden. He then works in Sales for Heineken France before moving on to Seguin Moreau cooperage. He joins Maison Bache-Gabrielsen in November 2003 as commercial director and his ambition is to increase the brand’s renown on the international market. 

In 2009, in his early thirties, Hervé takes over from his father at the head of the company. Thanks to the company’s new positioning as “Spirits Revealer”, his vision for Maison Bache-Gabrielsen is to bring more innovation to the cognac world (creation of “American Oak” and “5”, PRIVATE cognac CASK, etc.) but also to work on new products in the spirits category (Whisky, Aquavit, etc…).

Hervé pursues his mission with endurance and keeps fit thanks to another passion: running, marathons and long-distance treks.


The Maison grows ! 

Three cellars are built at Louzac-Saint-André, a few kilometres away from Cognac. Two are for storage and a third one is for blending.

The storage of the eaux-de-vie and their ageing are now handled internally, which makes the logistical and technical management much easier.

The first symbolic stone of Cellar n°2 was engraved with the Norwegian saying “forlenger livet og gleder” (extends life and joy). A 20cl bottle of Grande Champagne Cognac dating back to 1905 was sealed in stone to symbolise the connection with the historic house.    


Launch of our  « American Oak » cognac,
the first ever cognac to have been aged in American oak casks

Going slightly off-the-wall, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen creates the first ever cognac to be aged in American oak barrels.

“American Oak” is somewhat impertinent and unnerving thanks to the work of our creative and inspired Cellar Master.

“American Oak”, the uninhibited rebel child of a traditional Maison, carries the innovative and bold values of the family.    


The innovative program
« PRIVATE Cognac CASK » is born

With the launch of PRIVATE cognac CASK, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen opens the doors of its expertise to all cognac enthusiasts who would like to discover the art of maturation. Now, fine connoisseurs and even less knowledgeable cognac lovers may purchase their own casks!

Under the watchful eye of our Cellar Master, this unique experience allows you to participate in the selection and the ageing of a great cognac, your own.

A very first in the history of cognac; an audacious bet on behalf of the Maison that continues to break new grounds in order to share and pass-on its passion.


Creation of our first eco-designed and organic cognac,”5″

The launching of our organic and eco-designed VSOP “BACHE-GABRIELSEN 5” marks a bold step in Maison Bache-Gabrielsen’s contribution for a cleaner future.

Since 1905 the Maison has strived to offer cognacs that are made with passion, transparency and expertise. The awareness of our environmental impact led it to consider a different way of producing and consuming. Bache-Gabrielsen “5” is the perspective of a cognac industry that puts sustainable development at the heart of its concerns.  

“5” is a cognac with the lowest possible environmental impacts : a respect for the vines and the soil that’s grapes will be used to distill a 100% organic cognac but also a choice of suppliers whose social and environmental commitments are in line with the Maison’s values and whose technologies make it possible to go further in terms of eco-design.


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