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It is by a double maturation that Jean-Philippe BERGIER chose to work on the ageing of this 100% French whisky. A first maturation in cognac barrels, in the the cellars of the House BACHE-GABRIELSEN reveals the body of this whisky and its roundness. The second maturation in barrels that served for the ageing of the House’s Very Old Pineau des Charentes completes its maturation and gives our whisky a delicious aroma of pear and mirabelle plums full of sun.





BGW French Whiskey presents aromas of fresh hay supported by stewed fruit.


Light and floral, it offers gourmet notes of yellow fruits and acacia honey on the finishing note.


The result of this know-how offers an

unconventional Single Malt whisky, to

which 5 years of aging bring elegance

and final length.


ABV : 41% vol
Volume : 70 cl
Cereal : Barley
Colour : Yellow Amber
Ageing : 5 years

Cellar Master’s notes

« Round and gourmet, French Whisky will sublimate your fruity cocktails such as Wapplesky, a tasty blend of apple juice, honey, bitters and Whisky. »



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