Rich and round, this XO is the result of the harmonious blending of eaux-de-vie which have been aged for many years in oak casks.



Hints of jasmin and iris blend perfectly with the fruity aromas of banana and prunes in addition to toasted hazlenuts, candied fruits, almonds and moccha.
Long on the palate revealing the famous and delicate presence of rancio, this is the rewardwe get for the patience we show over several decades to get this just right.
The finish has notes of cut hay and honey associated with the wood tannins which reveals a supple and generous cognac.

ABV : 40% vol
Volume : 70 cl
Grape Varieties : Ugni-Blanc
Growing areas : Mainly Fins Bois 
Colour : Golden
Vieillissement : Longer than a sunday dinner with your ageing aunt.

The Cellar Masters Notes

« A grand classic of the older cognacs this XO is best enjoyed after a robust and complexcoffee such as a 100% arabica. »


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